My name is Jess and this is my blog.

The photo above, probably describes me perfectly. My friend Pauline captured this at a BBQ, me sharing secrets and stories with little Zion..

I write, because I am on a journey. A journey of becoming me, a journey of becoming a writer, a journey of discovering how I can make a difference in this world.

Words are, and communicating my thoughts, convictions and challenges in writing is, one of my greatest passions – so I thought that maybe, just maybe, the things that have helped me process and learn along the way, might help somebody else too.

The other thing I’m passionate about is the art of conversations – so I invite you to comment, ask, discuss away – and the Conversation page will hopefully soon be filled with some chats with people I think have something smart and helpful to say.

I hope this sight inspires, challenges and helps you on your own adventure called life and maybe just maybe helps change some mindsets and contribute to making our society a little bit kinder, more open and nicer place to live in.

We’re all in this together.