I am opening up – a 2020 declaration

I am opening up – to you.

Slowly, but surely
you are chipping away
at the fortress they call my heart.

I am opening up – to life.

Slowly but surely,
allowing the rays of real sun –
not just artificial light
caressing my skin.
Yes there’s a danger I might get burnt
but what is life if not risk?

I am opening up – to myself.

Slowly but surely,
letting myself ask, doubt, question and think,
knowing that if you are who they say you are,
you won’t even blink,
You just are.
The be all and end all,
the fulfilment of all.

Not some needy divinity,
seeking my attention,
but universal love
leading me to redemption.
Redemption not as I thought
not from what I was taught,
but redemption from chains.

I am opening up – again.

There’s no end to this cycle,
no goal to be achieved,
it is life as it should be
Like the fresh air I must breathe.

So through the darkness of the past,
into the light that you hold,
through the valleys I know are yet ahead,
to the mountain tops on the horizon:

I am opening up.
Again and again.
I am opening up.