Some short thoughts on Easter Weekend

The mystery of Easter will always be that to me: a mystery.

The more I learn and study about the one most significant, most debated, most celebrated act in history, the more I realize that what I thought I believed about it is somewhat inadequate of the magnitude and love shown on the cross.

Does that mean I stop learning, seeking and studying? No, of course not.

It means however, that this Easter I will be less concerned with trying to get you to agree with my understanding and interpretation of the events that mark this sacred weekend, but I will instead focus on becoming a person that lives out what it means to me.

I will Pause and be still and reflect on this great mystery.
I will give thanks for what I do understand as well as for what I don’t yet perceive…and allow myself to sit in the unknown, the mystery.

I will choose the same LOVE that – for reasons probably always and forever beyond my comprehension – chose to go to the cross and gave itself up in unspeakable suffering, just so I might know that GOD is with me, that I am worth a giving up like that.

That in fact, all of humanity is.
That LOVE is the greatest act.
That ALL are deserving of that love.

That we are ONE in him truly and in that connected and linked – regardless of whether we agree on all things.

That if the one I call the Son Of God thought all of humanity worthy of such a sacrifice, who am I to call anyone different or other or even unworthy.

That, that is the mystery of Easter to me today.