First Impressions

First impressions never last.

The image we create
Of another in our minds
Often blinds
Us to who they really are

First impressions never last.

The masks we put on  – to
Impress him or her.
To stage a distraction from
What’s really going on
On the inside

We are blind.

Blinded by the lights we put on around us
To appear in a better light
Shining bright to impress – who?

First impressions never last.

So why waste time on their opinion,
Trying to be but a minion in their game:
Sound right
Look like
Be tight –

those who supposedly hold the keys
to our destiny?

Blind leading the blind.

Why care about
He said she said
Instead of being who it is
YOU said I was

Embracing me fully and with that shine –
Brighter than the fake lights ever could
Through the cracks and gaps
No longer to draw
Attention to me
But to help others SEE

First impressions never last.

So I may as well be me
From the outset

All out there, for you to see.

– Jess