I am the words that form and
move into your mind and heart,

stirring you to explore things
you have never ever considered before.

I am the love that enters your heart and
moves you with compassion from the inside out;
the weight of conviction,
challenging the so called ‘acceptable’ way of living.

Gently forcing your eyes to open
to the world around you, shocking you into action.

I am the thoughts that keep you awake at night,
urging you to believe that THERE IS MORE
more than you’ve ever known,

more than you could’ve ever imagined.

I am the questions that nudge,

when everyone else seems to be okay with things –
just as they are.

I am the words that form,
now on the inside of you,
coming out of your mouth,
shaping realities,
Challenging the status quo,

inspiring others to a higher way of living.

I am the force that won’t leave
this world as it is,
the force that – through you –
will restore and redeem,

that which once was lost.

Repair what was broken,
Light up the darkness Surrounding.
Make right what was wrong,
Bring Peace where there’s been war


Love the greatest of all.

I AM all this and more.

And I am in you.

– Jess