Interlude – About transformation.

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About a year ago I made a decision to wear my hair in its most natural state again.

It’s been an interesting journey to say the least. I’ve had to face and overcome some deep insecurities and embrace God’s best for my life in a completely new way.

When I had the privilege of encouraging our platform team in Guildford on Wednesday, I only realised after, that I had done so with my hair out in a fro. What’s the big deal you ask?

I had spent my whole life trying to make my hair (and myself) small – tame it, hide it, stand out just a little bit less to fit in just a little bit more.

To have come as far as publicly speaking with my hair out is nothing short of a miracle!

This life isn’t always a walk in the park, but I am SO grateful that, as we fix our eyes on Him and let his kind Spirit do the work in us, He is faithful to finish what He has started, transforms us daily.

Wherever you are when it comes to living this authentic life, can I encourage you to trust him?

When it feels like the wounds are too sore to let him near, feels like the grip of fear too strong and the clouds too heavy (and believe me I’ve been there) – do the one thing you can do: THROW yourself into Him.

Tell him you’re scared and then just be still in His presence. He’ll take care of it, he’ll do what only he can do.

This world is in desperate need of people who are REAL.

People who have embraced who they are and allow him to sharpen them so they may be the best version of themselves – radiating him.

People who have learnt that in Him is ALL the affirmation they need and the spirit of the age has no grip on them.

People who have been accepted fully and loved so deeply, that they can’t help but accept others fully and LOVE deeply.

People who have learnt that HIS ways are higher.

People who have understood that as HE shines through our cracks HE is seen.
Be yourself. Trust Him.

And watch what He can do.

I, for one, will keep learning how to look after my hair and allow him to tackle the next thing…whatever it may be. So I might be more fully human, more radiant and more of a blessing.