Of New Years Resolutions

I am not one for big new years resolutions.
Mainly because I’m not one for DOING something,
but rather see life as BUILDING something.
What’s the difference you ask?

Well DOING something is about the thing itself.

It’s about the losing weight,
or the saving money,
or the finding that partner.

Building something is about longevity,
it’s about seeing life for more than just the things in it,
it’s about knowing that life is not so much about arriving somewhere,
as it is about a journey of becoming more me,
being kinder,
loving more,
connecting more,
LIVING more.

So this year, my ‘resolutions’ if you will, are all about that:
Building something.
May this year be a little bit better than last year.
And the year after that a little bit better than this,
and so forth.
Happy New Year!


2017 I smile at you,
ready to embark on this new adventure.
Though I do not know what you will bring,
let me tell you what I will bring to you.

In 2017 I will BEHOLD more.
Behold the goodness of God,
behold the beauty of nature,
behold life.

I will PROCESS more.
I won’t let life live me,
but I will take time to ponder, reflect,
and correct course where need be.

I will CONNECT more.
I will apply the discipline required to connect with God on a daily basis,
be vulnerable and open enough to connect with others
and I will connect with myself.

In 2017 I will LOVE more.
I will love God more, for it is as I look into His eyes,
that I see him looking at me in Love.
I will love people wherever they’re at, because I am loved wherever I’m at.
I will love myself more, for though I am not yet where I’m supposed to be,
I am also no longer where I used to be.
And I will take the risk of loving even where I may not be loved back, for love without risk, is probably not really love at all.

I will GIVE more and continue to hold things loosely.
For this life is not mine to hold on to tightly,
I live for a cause bigger than myself.

In 2017, I will ENJOY more.
I will have fun along the journey, laugh more and not take myself too seriously.
I will stop to smell the roses, listen to the busker and go to the museum
I will put smiles on peoples faces, be more encouraging and lift the atmosphere around me.

2017, I know better than to think that you’ll be perfect.
I know you’ll be coming with ups and downs, highs and lows.
You will bring joy and heartache, laughter and tears.

Oh but 2017 I smile at you anyway,
because I know, I know what I will bring to you.