29 (Or: what I’ve learnt so far)

29 years of gaining understanding, only to find that I know nothing at all.

29 years of working out who I am, only to find that my life is hidden in You.

29 years of trying to fit in and please, only to find that with You is where I belong and with You is where Home is.

29 years of making mistakes, stumbling and getting back up again, being hurt and hurting others, only to find that Your grace is sufficient for all.

29 years of making commitments and bold claims to serve You, only to find that unless the Lord builds the house, I truly build in vain.

They said growing up means becoming independent,
Not needing anyone, standing on your own two feet.
They said as long as you had stuff and status, you will have made it, happiness will be yours.

29 years on I’ve found they were all lies.

I am more dependent than ever on the ONE who gives me life.

I am more aware than ever, that alone I can do nothing,
more aware than ever that what I’m a part of is bigger than the part I play.

I am more conscious than ever, not to think of myself more highly (or lowly) than I ought and to learn to see things through the eyes of Grace, the eyes of His truth.

29 I welcome you. I’m curious for what you will bring and excited because you lead into 30, and I know the adventure beyond that is more than anything I could’ve ever imagined.