Of The Third Way (or: neither fight nor flight)

Fight or Flight.
Eat or be eaten.
That’s what my human options are…

Fight…or Flight.

There HAS to be another way.
A new way.
A third way.
A way that goes beyond my human understanding,

A way that goes beyond my human options.

There has to be a new way.

As I ponder and study Your word,
allow Your voice to penetrate my hard shell,
my excuses, justifications,
rights and wrongs –

I can feel my eyes opening to YOUR way.

The third way.
The new way.
A way that is neither fight nor flight but…


Your way is the way of trust.

Your way is the way of love.

So I choose your way.
I choose this new way.
I choose the way of the garment of love,
I choose the way of clothing myself in forgiveness instead of offence,
compassion instead of blame,
kindness instead of revenge,
truth instead of manipulation,

and selflessness instead of seeking my own.

There is new way.

There is a third way.

My human nature says: fight or flight,

but YOU say: TRUST.
Trust that my life is safe and hidden in you,
knowing that you have loved me first
and that I am safe and more than content in that love,
ready to love others as you have loved me.

So I choose trust.

I choose love.

I know this way is far from easy,
I know this is the way that won’t allow me to blame others,
point fingers or find excuses for my behaviour.

I choose it anyway.

For I know this way is the way of new beginnings,
of inner peace,
of reconciliation,
of responsibility,

of change – that begins with me anyway.

I choose Your way.
I choose the third way.
The way of Trust and Love.