A Love Letter (of sorts)

Dear Man,
The way you look at me, sends shivers down my spine
– but not the good kind.

The way you talk to me makes me feel like
…I’m your possession

– like the puppy you wrapped your arms around as a child and almost suffocated, or the little toy soldiers you commanded to do what you wanted and when you wanted it.
I am not a piece of meat.

I am not yours to command or even conquer.
I am not beneath you, just because you’re a man and I’m a woman.
The way you look at me should make me feel valued and respected

The way you speak to me, should make me feel like my opinion matters, is wanted and even required.
God created THEM in his image, male and female He created them.

You are only half of the image of the creator – that makes us equal.
I’m sorry some of my sisters have led you to believe that we appreciate being demeaned and loved only for our bodies – they (we) sent you the wrong message.

We are still learning ourselves, but let me tell you…
The way you look at me must change – so we can take our rightful place TOGETHER.

To bring peace, to restore what humanity was meant to look like.

To bring health and love to this world.

Change the way you look at me.
Yours truly,