BUT A MASK (or how to wake up from the nightmare)

So tough, so hard – on the outside.
So unshakable, no emotions –
as if no one could touch what’s inside.

Marked by the heartache,
the pain your life has brought.
Trust – a foreign concept
not even worth a thought.

‘Eat or be eaten’ –
the way you’ve been taught.
Kill or be killed –
the path you now walk.

Anyone you’ve ever trusted,
has lied, cheated, abused.
Stolen what was most precious,
caused pain the ones you loved.

You lie awake, so many nights,
wishing things could change.
Quietly praying to a God you don’t know,
hoping for an escape.

What if I told you, there was hope after all?
Told you a new path within reach?
What if I told you, you weren’t alone,
That I once was where you now seem to live?

What I offer is not easy,
The path not without pain.
But pain that brings release,
Surely is the most precious gain.

I’m right here waiting,
For whenever you’re ready,
To point you to the ONE
who heals me over and over again.

I don’t have all the answers,
but I do know He is true,
He hasn’t once failed me,
And I know he’ll do the same for you.

His people aren’t all perfect,
In fact some of them (us) are the worst,
A gathering of misfits,
Found and held only by His grace.

I promise you’ll fit right in here,
Promise you will belong.
Let him wake you from the nightmare,
Let him bring you HOME.