So it’s been a while since I’ve written. Two Monday’s to be precise.

Firstly, I must apologise for I have not kept my promise of posting weekly and to be honest I have no real excuse.

I could say things got busy, could say there was too much other stuff to do. I could blame it on life, circumstances etc.

But truth is, those are but excuses. No one but me has control over my schedule, over what I choose to prioritise or don’t prioritise. So none of these excuses matter, they are only a way of shifting blame.

Anyway. I have decided to share with you what I call ‘I Clutter Myself’ which I will put up in the next post under POETRY. I have been wanting to post this for weeks now, but have felt I couldn’t because I haven’t been true to it. I haven’t been decluttering myself as I so boldly declare in the poem, if anything I’ve been cluttering more than ever. For different reasons…

To clarify: I am not talking about work. I LOVE my job with my whole heart.

I am talking about the time I spend on instagram, the amount of time I choose to spend in front of the TV. The amount of hours I let slip without being intentional.

What happens when we live without intention, let life live us if you will, is that we become vulnerable to the noise and the chaos of the world.
We start listening to all sorts of voices instead of the ONE voice on the inside.
We start getting sucked into the flood of opinions, start stirring in the mud like everyone else does. So you see, living without intention is dangerous territory.

We are all so susceptible to it. Every now and then we HAVE to make a conscious decision to declutter. To pause. To breathe and to remember. Remember what it means to be fully human.

Remember that we have been called to a higher way, a way of love, a way of peace and a way of light. That is if we want to live fully.

I had to remind myself of this and to challenge myself and commit myself yet again, I have decided to fast, inspired by my bestie (she probably doesn’t even know how much she inspires me all the time).
A combination of food and social media, between now and my birthday, because you know what, this world is in a mess.
And what she needs is people who can beckon her into another realm.
People who can model and live a different path, one that brings healing and hope.
And by god, I desire to be one of those people. I know it won’t come by chance and it will require my commitment again and again and again.

Sometimes I will forget and I will need reminding. I am so grateful for the handful of people who love me enough to have grace for me and love me back to remembering.

I am choosing to step into the next year of my life a little bit more loving, a little bit more determined, a little bit more peaceful and a little bit more aglow.

Oh, and I will post weekly again. I owe it to myself and those of you who for some reason take time out to read the stuff I write.

With all that said and without further ado I give you: I CLUTTER MYSELF.