I clutter myself.
In fact, I must be the queen of cluttering –

didn’t you know?

Last night for example…
I cluttered myself with food and wine

and a TV show (multiple episodes)…as you do

That same day, I cluttered myself with…
business which resulted in not enough time for silence or exercise in the morning –

there’s just too much to do!

Another time I cluttered myself with shopping –
with giving into what ’they’ say I need, need to be who they claim I should be…

to be accepted by ’them’.

Is it just me?

I also clutter myself with all of you…
however, not really you. Only the highlight reel of you…
I, I clutter myself with the instagram feed, the Facebook post,

pinterest boards and snapchats.

This cluttering has become my, addiction, my disease,
and yet everyone seems to think I’m normal.
In fact as I look closer I see –

you all do the same!

We clutter ourselves,
we build layers over the eyes of our hearts,
build walls covering the ears of our souls,

chant slogans, masking the words of our innermost beings.

Slowly we stop seeing, listening and even using our real voice.

We clutter ourselves.


I am declaring a revolution of decluttering.

Removing the masks,
unveiling our true selves.
For the sake of us,

for the sake of humanity.

So whilst I won’t turn into a hermit,

be prepared for me stop.

Brace yourself, for I might just look you deep in the eye when you talk to me.

Be ready for me to connect with you – human to human –
maybe even hug you if you let me.

Brace yourself for words of love and encouragement that will come your way.

At first it will feel foreign and you will wonder what I want from you, or why I care.

We’re so not used to these things anymore…

I will honor silence and practice the presence of God.
I will follow the inner prompting,

and allow for true connection to happen.

To be a better human.

To be fully human, truly alive.


Will you join the revolution?