We build monuments instead of legacies…
We capture, pose and snap,
to hold on to the moment,

to keep what we’re so afraid to lose…

We build monuments…

We make musicals of eras passed
and for a night we feel what once was.
We stand in awe of the monument we built

instead of building a legacy that lives…

We build monuments…

Like Cesar built his statues,
to make himself immortal,
always haunted by the fear of death,

afraid to be forgotten…

We build monuments…

Instead of building a NOW for our children,
we are busy building a future for ourselves,
worry about our names’ fame

instead of their tomorrow.

We build monuments…

Instead of trusting that –
though the promises seem as though
they’re not fulfilled in our life time,
the love we give, the good we do,

the peace we bring, still matters.

We build monuments…


But we, we started making images of ourselves,
a desperate move to gain eternity,
and shifted our worship from creator to creation,

from the worthy to the undeserving…

We build monuments…

Oh how I pray we would shift back,

From building monuments to legacies…

From being concerned with ourselves and ours,
to caring for them and theirs.
From living as though we were separate,

to loving as though we were all one.

I am done building monuments…

I give my life to build a legacy.
Not in my name,
but in Yours,
the name of Love,

the name of Hope,
a legacy that brings you honor.

Let’s build legacies that matter,
to craft a better future,

to craft a better tomorrow,
for the sake of our children,
let’s build legacies.