YOLO – You only live once, they say,
but what does that mean really?

but all I see is destructive behaviour, abuse of ones freedom
and people’s dignity being stolen all in the name of YOLO.

What does it mean, when our heart cries,
begs and beckons to LIVE LIFE FULLY?
And aren’t the ways we choose to meet this desire with futile?

I want, no I MUST live life fully.
For too long I have lived in the shadow of this
and under the weight of that.

So I have decided to explore and learn what it means
to live life fully,
live so I can stand for it,
live so it matters.

To live life fully has little to do with the money you make or the kind of car you drive…I think.

To live live fully has even less to do with how many hours you put in at work or how busy you are…I think.

I think that, to live life fully is an art form.
It’s like painting the Sistine Chapel, or composing ‘The Messiah’.
It’s like finishing that song, and adding the last brush stroke to that painting.
Our LIVES are supposed to be like that – a work of art.

So I am determined to master that craft.

What I’ve learnt so far:

To live life fully is being HERE – now.
It’s smelling the roses on the bush at the sidewalk on your way to work…
the one you’ve walked past so many times.

It’s looking someone deep in the eye when they tell you of their day,
giving them your full attention,
listening to what they say and remembering it the next day.

It’s knowing what your favourite song is and dancing to it in your kitchen
or whistling it out loud on the train,
even though people will think you’re crazy.

It’s pushing pause and going to the movies with the people you love or going to that concert, play, exhibition [insert your passion here] you’ve been meaning to see forever.

It’s to get lost in wonder and awe of creation and its creator
and it’s getting lost in gratitude.

It’s hugging your friends and staying in that embrace a little longer than usual
and it’s a long kiss on a summers evening…

To live life fully is to connect.
It’s to connect with God and connect with people – deeply.
It’s to connect with nature and to connect with humanity – fully.

Strive, accolades and hierarchy – the things we so desire – we’ve invented them.
They’re not real.
And yet we spend so much time and energy pursuing them at the expense of living…

I still have a lot to learn, but for now I know this:

To live life fully is to trust and to connect.
It may be risky, but I believe it’ll be worth it.