A Psalm(-ish)

Sitting on the train from one place of work to another location and can’t help but think how grateful I am.

Grateful that grace is not conditional. Grateful that God’s faithfulness surpasses my unfaithfulness. That all if’s and conditions are manmade. That that’s the beauty of the gospel. Don’t buy into anything else.

I am living proof and a walking example that, though thoroughly undeserving, He has never failed me. Not always in my way or on my terms – ‘cause let’s be honest most of the time He knows what’s best anyway – but always on time and better than I could’ve imagined.

So at the start of the Summer I wrote this little prayer of thanksgiving and expression of TRUST and it reminded me of the psalms (but because that’s a bit intense, I called it a psalm-ish, ha!). However in all honesty I had to point out that most of the snares laid and things that almost stopped me, actually never came from others (enemies) or circumstances, but it was me failing me and him. But God.

Anyway, an ode to His faithfulness.

Or ‘A psalm(-ish)’:

Your Faithfulness my God,

is sweeter than honey to me.

Your faithfulness my God,

gives life to my dry bones.

When I was caught in the snare I laid for myself,
trapped in the cobwebs of sin and self-destruction,

YOU found me.

Not once or twice, but every time I betrayed myself – and You – You were there.

Your faithfulness reached out and pulled me back up – placing my feet on solid rock.

Placing me on the firm foundation of the work of your son, the firm grounds of His righteousness.

Oh how wonderful your grace is!

My soul knows that I have and am nothing without you and that with you and in you I have and am Everything.

Bless the Lord all you so-called misfits, failures and sinners!

Raise your voice to shout his praise, lift your eyes and find yourselves there!

In Him the labels of the past are no more,
the hopeless future is gone – replaced by his glorious plans for our lives.
Plans to weave us into His magnificent tapestry – the story of redemption, using us all to build a home.

We belong here – for in our weakness He is strong.

His faithfulness remains forever, His faithfulness remains forever.
– Jess Mally