I know I talked about posting weekly (and that’ll be the minimum, promised) but I felt like sharing this one with you all today. You’ll be pleased to know I’ve decided in the end to confront and therefore mend…We’ll live to tell the story.



I felt something break.

No one else would’ve heard or seen it, no one else would’ve known,
but I, I know it happened.
I felt something break.

The trust we had built between us,
for years and years, chipped – ever so slightly it chipped – and then broke.

The connection that was there – from the beginning of time – suddenly weakened.

I felt something break.

So subtle, so quiet,

we will probably never talk about it.

The physical distance between us,
will serve as disguise, as a cover –
protecting us from ever having to confront

what has happened…

I felt something break.

It hurts to think, that something so small,
something so little, but an opinion,

could drive a wedge between what once was.

That one decision you’ve disagreed with,
a matter so minor,

could change the way you see me.

You, the preacher of tolerance,

have suddenly become the thing you’ve blamed THEM to be all their lives…

I felt something break.

Will we bury it hereafter?
Pretend it never happened?
Truth is, no-one will ever know, but I,

I felt something break.

You and I, will never be the same.

– Jess Mally