I hide my face from you,
afraid that you might see.
I hide my face from you,

believing I am free.

Truth is I hide my face in fear,
hide the truth that lies beneath.
Fear of your rejection,

fear the vicious thief.

Too many times, I’ve tried to lift,
the mask, the veil, the guard –
Come forth from hiding,

I have tried, but each time I’ve been marked.

Marked by your rejection,
marked by pain and shame.
Marked by hope deferred and broken,

marked by endless pain.

I hide so you can’t hurt me,
when night falls yet again,
Hide so pain can’t find me,

much safer is the veil.

I know I can’t remain here,
in this land of shadows and tears,
know I can’t survive here,

alone with all my fears.

So I lift my head,
in quiet hope, that one day things will change.
Lift my head, believing that,

dawn WILL break yet again.

– Jess Mally